Inon Strobe D-200 110 degree Wider Coverage Underwater Strobe

  The D-200 is a new midrange strobe by inon. It includes almost all the features of the industry standard top-end Inon Z-330 strobe. Its built-in glass dome lens is optically designed to offer wide 110-degree coverage underwater without diffusers. Also included is the rotating light shade for reflection and backscatter prevention. The large control knobs and phosphorescent rear panel allow the unit to be used even in tough conditions.

  Proven and reliable INON's unique super accurate "S-TTL" Auto mode is onboard to provide easy and accurate exposures in all conditions. The super-fast D-200 can be used up to 1/1000s shutter speeds without compromising the full output.

  The D-200 strobe weighs only 4g underwater including 4 x AA Eneloop batteries and Strobe Light Shade making the strobe slightly buoyant underwater. By attaching a ball mount adapter you can have almost neutral buoyancy in salt water.

  The rotating "Strobe Light Shade" is bundled as a standard accessory. It helps the photographer to  cut a part of strobe's light beam and dramatically suppress flare or ghost and backscatter when a strobe is positioned near the lens port.  The flange part rotates 360 degrees and allows easy adjustment underwater.

Technical Specifications

  • 110 degrees coverage UNDERWATER without diffuser.
  • Powerful Guide Number 20.
  • Easy to handle as the strobe is slightly buoyant underwater giving 4g lift.
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL Auto.
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
  • 220 lumen, shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light
  • Easily visible conspicuous phosphorescence back control panel during day and night.
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Newly designed radiation system to release generated heat inside to underwater
  • Highly versatile optical cable connection.
  • Minimum recycle time "approx. 1.3 sec." at Full Flash.
  • On-board Wireless TTL capability.

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Inon Strobe D-200 110 degree Wider Coverage Underwater Strobe

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