SAGA Macro Close-up Magnifier Diopter Achromatic Lens +10

Professional wet close-up lens for shooting small subjects that are 2cm or smaller. Great focus speed and low abberations.
Mounts on standard 67mm threaded ports or flip lens holders.
Front diameter is 61mm (not threaded)

Aluminum body (6082).
Hard anodized coating 40 microns.
2 BK7 flat lenses with anti scratch and anti-reflective coating.
Two lens group 2 elements.
Weight: 230g
Diameter: 67mm
Length : 38.3mm.

These achromatic wet close-up lenses of SAGA come in +5, +10 +15,+20 and +25 diopter versions. All five lenses are made with a 40 microns hard anodized aluminum hard body with two flat BK7 anti-scratch and anti-glare glass lenses. These lenses are compact compared to many wet lenses of the same power. The 61 mm diameter allows strobes and focusing lights to do a bit better job in tight spaces. The lenses are achromatic which means they are limiting the effects of chromatic and spherical aberration when in use.
Magnification depends on the lens or camera used. As a reference with a wet lens on a 100 mm macro lens at 1:1 on full frame the reproduction ratio becomes 2:1.
Products are made by hand in Barcelona, Spain and are world re-known amongst pro photographers for their attention to detail.

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SAGA Macro Close-up Magnifier Diopter Achromatic Lens +10

  • Brand: Saga
  • Product Code: SAGA +10
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  • $242.00

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